About us

The Australasian Teacher Regulatory Authorities (ATRA) was formally established an incorporated association in Victoria in February 2008 by the various teacher regulatory authorities across Australia and New Zealand.

These authorities had been meeting bi-annually since 2002 under the name of the Australasian Forum of Teacher Registration and Accreditation Authorities (AFTRAA).

The predominant purpose of the Australasian Teacher Regulatory Authorities (ATRA) is to better enable the meeting of the needs of society for a highly qualified, proficient and reputable teaching profession by engaging in the following activities:

(a)        facilitating collaboration, and where appropriate co-ordination, between              and among Members in the development and promotion of professional
             standards and professional learning for the teaching profession within the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand;

(b)        providing a means whereby senior officers and chairs of Members may:

    • counsel together on matters of concern;
    • formulate and forward to appropriate authorities advice on relevant matters including those of national concern;
    • collect and disseminate information on matters of collective interest;
    • effectively evaluate any activities undertaken; and
    • reach decisions by consensus;

(c)        identifying common and agreed issues and planning priorities through studies of the problems and needs of Members, their             relations with other educational institutions, with Governments, and with the community and to encourage, sponsor and publish or             otherwise promulgate the results of such studies;

(d)        advocating and promoting teacher regulatory functions including teacher registration, accreditation and/or certification functions;

(e)        initiating action on, or reacting quickly to, events and issues of importance affecting teacher regulatory functions including teacher              registration, accreditation and/or certification functions;

(f)         promoting by study and discussion, the effectiveness and efficiency of Members;

(g)        consulting and liaising with educational bodies within Australia and New Zealand and overseas in the interest of promoting                     improvement in teacher quality;

(h)        representing the views of Members in matters concerning teacher quality, in particular in discussions with Governments,                     Governmental authorities and instrumentalities and public bodies and the community at large, or any section thereof;

(i)         collecting, compiling, disseminating and distributing among members and the public, information of common concern and                     information which will assist in the management and further development of Members;

(j)         acquiring in the interests of the public and teacher regulatory authorities, knowledge of proposed or enacted Australian, New                      Zealand and overseas legislation in any way relating to teacher regulations including teacher registration, accreditation and                     certification and in particular that which affects or could affect education generally and teacher regulation in particular;

(k)        promoting the interests of Members collectively, recognising that each Member has an unfettered right to act in its own best                     interests as it perceives them and that groups of members may pursue their particular interests within the framework of the                     Association; and

(l)         facilitating opportunities for members to develop knowledge and skills, providing that none of the activities referred to in these                      Purposes may require a Member to engage in an activity the effect of which is to annul, vary or exclude provisions of relevant State             or Territory legislation or relevant Ministerial direction governing any Member.